Majestic Carp : Rediscover carp fishing !

Having been an angler for as long as I can remember, I discovered carp fishing around 10 years ago. Like you, my passion completely overtook me and my desire to find new lakes was insatiable. Being lucky enough to live in France and have a job which allows me enough free time, I have scoured a hundred-plus lakes in the last years. After all the fishing trips I have made, I can testify that it is not always the best known lakes which have the best fishing.

On the contrary, I have discovered several places either, never fished or, hardly heard of, which has given me some incredibly memorable moments. It seemed to me a great shame that too many anglers would bypass these places, so I undertook to reference them on a dedicated website.

Whether you wish to beat your personal best, enjoy a family trip or to experience regular, new adventures, you will find your real happiness here.

3 lakes :

Majestic Carp

Estate Lake

LAKE : 20 acres
CARP : 60 lbs
FROM CAEN : 1h30
ANGLERS : up to 7

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Fish Gallery :

Main Features
  • Drive & Survive
  • 3 accommodations
  • Catch your personal best
  • Runs Water
  • Ideal for group / Family
Majestic Carp

Lamber Lake

LAKE : 3 acres
CARP : 41 lbs
FROM CAEN : 48 min
ANGLERS : up to 4

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Fish Gallery :

Main Features
  • Exclusive only
  • Accommodation
  • Runs water
  • Ideal for Friends / family trip
  • Nearest ferry port
Majestic Carp

Rotier's Lakes

LAKE : 15 acres
CARP : 52 lbs
ANGLERS : up to 10

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Fish Gallery :

Main Features
  • Exclusive only
  • Ideal for family / Large group
  • swimming pool & tennis court
  • 3 others fishing lakes
  • catfish up to 140 lbs

Carp Fishing Holidays in France

As I know that every fishing trip is different, I managed to select different places which would allow each of you to be satisfied according to your own desires and lifestyle:

Drive & Survive : Estate Lake
Ideal for Family : All lakes
Big carp : Estate Lake
Swimming Pool : Rotier
Exclusive only : Lamber & Rotier

With accommodation : All Lakes
Large Group : Rotier
Runs Water : All lakes
The closest : Lamber
Cheapest : Estate Lake

Majestic Carp is not only about these truly marvellous lakes but also …

Quality control

Each of the sites is constantly quality assessed for :

  • installations (swims)
  • carp stock
  • health and vitality of the fish
  • security
  • reliability of its owners.

We check all this regularly and are attentive to the management of the carp lakes.


Majestic Carp is a mark of quality which assures that your angling trip will be enjoyed in the best possible conditions.

In case of severe problems we would offer you either a proportional reimbursement or find another way to recompense you.

All payments made on/via our site are done in complete security.