Travelling to our lakes

how the swims are set ups ? Rod pod or bank sticks?

the swims are arranged naturally. Some swims have gravel but most are grass. So you can use a rod pod or bank stick

Can I drive to the lake in order to unload?


Is the lake secure?

The lake is not fenced in. You would be leaving your gear at your own risk.

Fishing Permits required ?


How far are the nearest supermarket / petrol / tabac?

How far are the nearest supermarket / petrol / tabac?

What do I need to remember or think about before leaving for the holiday?
  • Your complete fishing tackles. Some lakes do rent out materials; don’t hesitate to ask about this.
  • Bait/s, of course
  • Your valid, in-date passport (remember to have it ready well in advance)
  • Driving licence and car insurance, valid and in-date
  • Euros for your needs once installed on the domain

The booking

How to book one of our lakes?

It’s really simple. Send us your booking request by clicking here

If the date you want is available, you will be sent an email with a positive reply as well as a link to finalise your booking.  In the case of unavailability, we will suggest several alternatives of dates and lakes to suit your requirements (as near as possible)

How do I pay for the booking?

To confirm your booking, you need to pay a deposit of 50% using the link we send you.  12 weeks before your arrival at the lake, you will be sent a new email with all the information on your chosen lake and a link to pay the 50% balance.

For bookings made well in advance (18 months or more) we will ask a deposit of 25% and give you the option of staged payments.

Should you need more detail or further payment options, please feel free to contact us.

What happens once my booking is validated and my deposit is paid?

Lodgings (where relevant) and right to fish, plus any options you may have chosen (rental of materials, food packages).
In all cases, our prices do not include transport to and from the domain (whether plane, ferry, driving). This is at your cost and the organisation is your responsibility. That said, we can offer advice to make this easier for you and above all to have your holiday at the best price.

What is included in the price of my holiday?

Lodgings (where relevant) and right to fish, plus any options you may have chosen (rental of materials, food packages).
In all cases, our prices do not include transport to and from the domain (whether plane, ferry, driving). This is at your cost and the organisation is your responsibility. That said, we can offer advice to make this easier for you and above all to have your holiday at the best price.

Practical Information

Do you accept short-stay reservations?

Our holidays are normally from Saturday to Saturday.  However, some of our lakes, and for some periods of the year, there is flexibility. Some lakes are closed over the winter, some are not.  We are obviously vigilant with regard to the weather-changes (freezing, floods) and we undertake to keep you informed to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Feel free to contact us or to consult our special offers on the lake page;

Are dogs/pets allowed?

We indicate for each lake if animals are allowed or not.  You may also see quite easily on the website which lakes allow animals. We ask you to note the following;

  • You must pay attention to keeping the domain clean and, therefore, limit your pet’s impact on it. Certain areas are forbidden for animals; bedroom, swimming pools, swimming in the lakes.  We believe that this is commonly understood, but we ask you to bear this in mind.
  • Also, remember to make sure that everything is in order for your pet before travel; chip, rabies vaccine, pet passport. For all that, seek advice from your vet.
Are there "poisson-chat" in your lakes?

We are very vigilant about any harmful presence in our lakes as we know that can adversely affect your angling.  There are hardly any poisson chat in our lakes.  There are some crayfish in some lakes at certain times of the year but not enough to hinder your angling experience.

For every lake there is information regarding the presence or non-presence of catfish and crayfish. There are several methods we use to keep their numbers down, so be reassured that we are extremely vigilant about this and will not allow it to get out of hand.

What can you expect from a carp-fishing holiday in France?

Many people think that carp-fishing in France is easy and the results are guaranteed, so it’s important to be reasonable and realistic.  All our lakes are well-stocked and contain, for the most part, fish reaching or passing the 50lb mark.

That said, we can’t promise you anything.  Sometimes, it happens that a runs water sometimes becomes suddenly more difficult.  The week before or after may well be the opposite, a truly fruitful experience.  It’s angling, that’s how it is, sometimes frustrating and our lakes aren’t outside the norm. the weather has a great impact on our hobby and it can be unpredictable!  Just don’t hesitate to change your strategy and techniques because you are in a different country. 

Catches of 30 lbs + are generally quite frequent but for carp of 40-50 lbs, you will need a good strategy.  Some lakes have many 40 lb + catches and you will have a good chance of the same.  Again, please feel free to let us know your expectations and we will do our best to maximise your chances.

How can I thank you for my holiday?

We do all possible for your holiday to be memorable, enjoyable and an angling-success. If you are happy, then so are we. Don’t hesitate to let us know your opinions and the photos of your catches which are a great help to us.  These photos allow us to follow the evolution of the stock and to improve it.  Thanks in advance.

Carp fishing holidays and corona virus; Information from Majestic carp

We would like to offer some reassurance to all anglers who have entrusted us with their carp-fishing holidays. The Corona virus epidemic is a world-wide phenomenon creating severe disturbance in multiple countries. It is important for us to address this transparently in response to all questions you are asking.

We have been able to agree a deferral of all holidays booked for the months affected by the lockdown. We will do the same for any bookings affected by future lockdowns/borders closed whether the decision is made by UK or French Government.

What will happen if my carp-fishing holiday is cancelled (covid19) ?

As you know, the covid 19 situation is impossible to forecast and the governments can change their position on this at any time. We are, therefore, closely monitoring the slightest changes in the situation.
In the case of your holiday being affected by these decisions, we will offer you a deferral of your dates for either later in 2022 or, if necessary, to 2023. We will suggest several possible dates, depending on the availabilities we have for each lake, so that you may choose which is more convenient for you.

There is still much uncertainty regarding the covid; am I still able to book my carp-fishing holiday?

Yes, of course; outside the currently confirmed lockdown period, you may book in all confidence. If by a stroke of bad luck, your holiday were affected by a further lockdown/travel restrictions, we would offer you a deferral of your dates without any extra cost to you.


We would like to thank all our anglers for the benevolent reactions and all the kind messages we have received in the past weeks. At Majestic Carp, we place the highest importance on customer satisfaction and during this delicate period, we will not deviate from our principles for all concerned (anglers, intermediaries, domain owners). We are happy that you are satisfied with our solution of free-of-charge deferral and we’d like to thank you again. We will continue in the same spirit for the duration of this crisis.

We are waiting impatiently to welcome you to our lakes!

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