it was an unbelievable week! PB and PB and …


40lb 4oz mirror
30lb 12oz mirror
37lb 8oz common
18lb 8oz grass
41lb 8oz mirror
32lb 4oz grass
43lb 10oz mirror
39lb common
34lb 8oz common
53lb 12oz mirror
19lb pike
36lb common
35lb 8oz common
53lb 10oz mirror
42lb 10oz mirror
10lb grass
45lb 14oz mirror
43lb 6oz mirror
12lb common
51lb 14oz mirror
41lb 10oz mirror
39lb 2oz mirror

50lb 4oz ghost
28lb common
30lb 12oz mirror
36lb 1oz mirror
11lb 8oz Linear mirror
41lb 2oz common
37lb 10oz common
33lb 2oz grass
43lb 8oz mirror
10lb common
41lb 8oz mirror
27lb mirror
23lb 8oz ghost
4lb eel

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