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A lake beyond compare !!

We are very proud to showcase a new Majestic Carp lake, The 3 Rings : 3 lakes / Carp up to 61 lbs / 2h from Calais

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Atypical, Thrilling and Black !

You will be amazed by this 3-lakes domain, rentable exclusively, for a maximum of 7 anglers. You want big carp or runs water ?  Why choose?

‘Island Lake’, with its 4 acres + contains around 200 very high quality carp, weighing up to 61lbs.  The average is around 35 lbs.  You will surely beat your record in this lake!

‘La Hutte’ is a 3-acres lake considered as a runs water, with many stunning carp of around 45lbs and some Grass carp up to 55 lbs.  The average is about 25 lbs.  Action guaranteed!

Finally, ‘Marguerite’.  This lake is a 2 acres one with truly exceptional carp; there are Black Carp such as we have never seen at Majestic Carp, weighing up to 60 lbs.

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