Carp fishing holidays and corona virus; Information from Majestic carp

We would like to offer some reassurance to all anglers who have entrusted us with their carp-fishing holidays. The Corona virus epidemic is a world-wide phenomenon creating severe disturbance in multiple countries. It is important for us to address this transparently in response to all questions you are asking.

Following the latest governmental decisions, we are proposing, to all people affected by the latest restrictions (holidays from 17th march 2020 to 11th may 2020), solutions for deferring their arrival dates.

For these people we will be contacting you in the next few days. Please check your emails (spam/junk folder included) and please keep your phone with you.

If the restrictions are prolonged, we will apply the same solutions for the holidays affected.

We have been able to agree a deferral of all holidays booked for the months affected by the lockdown. We will do the same for any bookings affected by future lockdowns/borders closed whether the decision is made by UK or French Government.

What will happen if my carp-fishing holiday is cancelled?

As you know, the covid 19 situation is impossible to forecast and the governments can change their position on this at any time. We are, therefore, closely monitoring the slightest changes in the situation.
In the case of your holiday being affected by these decisions, we will offer you a deferral of your dates for either later in 2020 or, if necessary, to 2021. We will suggest several possible dates, depending on the availabilities we have for each lake, so that you may choose which is more convenient for you.

For the moment, we cannot propose any deferrals for holidays already booked for dates after 11th May. This can only be done once lockdown/re-opening decisions are taken by the competent and relevant authorities. We will keep you updated on this page, and also by email, of every development linked to the corona virus situation.

There is still much uncertainty regarding the corona virus; am I still able to book my carp-fishing holiday?

Yes, of course; outside the currently confirmed lockdown period, you may book in all confidence. If by a stroke of bad luck, your holiday were affected by a further lockdown/travel restrictions, we would offer you a deferral of your dates without any extra cost to you.

I still have to pay the balance for my coming carp-fishing holiday but I am worried about the covid19 virus. What should I do?

We completely understand your concerns and questions. In this difficult time, it is important that everyone makes all necessary efforts for this to pass as best as possible. For our part, we are putting everything in place to keep your money safe and doing our best to make sure that this situation does not involve extra expense on your part.

In order to guarantee your holiday and, equally, any deferral of dates, we would ask that you do pay the balance of your holiday such as was agreed at your time of booking. We understand that this may worry you, which is why we are giving you extra time: instead of requesting the balance 12 weeks before your arrival date, we will be asking this 8 weeks before.

After the 8-week request, Majestic Carp will send you a reminder, then a second one. If, in spite of these reminders, the balance is not paid, then we have to consider your booking as cancelled (without the right to reimbursement nor a deferral).

If you choose to cancel your booking where no travel or lockdown restrictions apply, your deposit will be retained under cancellation fees without the right to defer your holiday.

As you will understand, we would prefer that you pay the balance in good time. We assure you, once again, that your money is safe and your holiday will be deferred without extra cost to you, if the situation demands.
So far, we have found solutions for all those anglers whose holidays have been affected by the lockdown and travel restrictions. We guarantee that it will be the same for you.


We would like to thank all our anglers for the benevolent reactions and all the kind messages we have received in the past weeks. At Majestic Carp, we place the highest importance on customer satisfaction and during this delicate period, we will not deviate from our principles for all concerned (anglers, intermediaries, domain owners). We are happy that you are satisfied with our solution of free-of-charge deferral and we’d like to thank you again. We will continue in the same spirit for the duration of this crisis.

We are waiting impatiently to welcome you to our lakes!

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