drive and survive carp fishing in France

Drive and survive carp fishing in france : With well-thought out and equipped swims, luxury lodgings and facilities, you will have all you could need for the very best of holidays when you choose our lakes.

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Whether searching runs water, big carp or looking for the perfect place for a family holiday, you are sure to be happy with our choice of drive-and-survive lakes in France.



LAKE : 6 acresMajestic Carp – Carp Fishing in France
CARP : 67 lbs
ANGLERS : up to 6


LAKE : 12 acresMajestic Carp – Carp Fishing in France
CARP : 72 lbs
ANGLERS : up to 6

Champagne Lake

LAKE : 6 acresMajestic Carp – Carp Fishing in France
CARP : 47 lbs
ANGLERS : up to 4

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We have checked out many lakes for drive and survive carp fishing in France and have selected the 6 best of them all. We know that you can’t make mistakes in choosing the right destination, with only a little holiday time during the year. Drive and Survive Carp Fishing in France is a true angler’s philosophy; to be in wilderness, with lines stretching and tightening, ready to catch a big carp! However, we also know that a certain level of comfort is required for those week-long sessions. On our lakes you will find the quality you seek at all levels. So, don’t wait, opt for one of our lakes.
“just wanted to say we had a great trip, the host were very nice people and we also in very hot weather pulled some very nice fish from lake 33 pound carp , 30 pound grass carp and 60 pound stergen being the biggest! Would defiantly use Majestic carp and Morlière again
John M.


“The lake was lovely, I am not a fisher myself but can admire the beauty and size of the carp that is coming out of this lake! The house was magnificent with a modern feel and all the homely things I would need, coffee machine, washing machine, … Was the perfect holiday!
Casey Floate


drive and survive carp fishing in france

Lake of the month : Estate Lake

Drive and survive – exclusive lake hire – carp fishing in France : This 20 acre lake was created in the Middle Ages as an iron ore quarry. On its edges, you will have a fabulous view of the chateau, which overlooks the lake, and also the magnificent natural surroundings.

There are 6 swims, including one double, all of which have been equipped to ensure your optimal angling experience and comfort (WIFI). The only thing which can possibly interrupt your peace and quiet is your own alarm !


The lake is fed by the river L’Avre, guaranteeing a constant flow of fresh water and, therefore, oxygen for the carp, which are active all year.

Along the lake-side, you will find high-quality facilities; 3 separate showers, 3 WCs, 2 large sinks, a kitchen, refrigerator, freezer and electricity points. You may unload your car at your swim before parking it in the car park.


The complexity of the lake makes it impossible to net and drain. So, until they are caught we will never know what the lake holds exactly since its conception in the medieval period. An exciting prospect for any angler! There had been no fishing until 2011! The first fishing tests were quite satisfactory with beautiful common carp up to 40lbs. However, what we can be sure of is about what carp have been added since then.

The first part of a major stocking programme took place in 2013 : A total weight of 4,500lb was stocked comprising carp between 30 and 50 lb and 10 sturgeons between 20 and 30 lb. Following on from another stock of 7 carp between 45 and 55 lb.

New in 2017 !! 3 carp betwen 50 – 58 lbs, 10 carp bewten 25 – 35 lbs and the big one : a common of 67 lbs !!