French carp lakes runs waters

Are you looking for runs waters carp lakes in France? This is the right page! Our selection of destinations will perfectly match your search. Making a mistake in choosing your destination is not an option, as you have relatively little time for holidays, so we have chosen these lakes which ensure satisfaction re number of catches.

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Whether searching runs water, big carp or looking for the perfect place for a family holiday, you are sure to be happy with our choice of french carp lakes runs waters

French Carp Lakes Runs Waters


LAKE : 6 acresMajestic Carp – Carp Fishing in France
CARP : 67 lbs
ANGLERS : up to 6

Carp Fishing in France - Majestic Carp

Rotier Lake

LAKE : 15 acresMajestic Carp – Carp Fishing in France
CARP : 53 lbs
ANGLERS : up to 10

Champagne Lake

LAKE : 6 acresMajestic Carp – Carp Fishing in France
CARP : 47 lbs
ANGLERS : up to 4

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We are sure that when you choose French Carp Lakes Runs Water, you are hoping to be guaranteed regular alarm-ringing. Therefore, we greatly increased our angling tests on these lakes to be sure that you would be 100% satisfied. Choose Majestic Carp and your dreams of a memorable and quality carp-fishing holiday will come true. What are you waiting for?

“just wanted to say we had a great trip, the host were very nice people and we also in very hot weather pulled some very nice fish from lake 33 pound carp , 30 pound grass carp and 60 pound stergen being the biggest! Would defiantly use Majestic carp and Morlière again
John M.


“The lake was lovely, I am not a fisher myself but can admire the beauty and size of the carp that is coming out of this lake! The house was magnificent with a modern feel and all the homely things I would need, coffee machine, washing machine, … Was the perfect holiday!
Casey Floate