Authentico & Cheshire lakes Tips

Welcome to Authentico & Cheshire lake, an exceptional lake on Majestic Carp’s books. This lake promises you a great compromise on regular catches and a chance to beat your PB. Nothing is a give-away, though; you will have to use some clever strategies to catch the biggest fish.


The baits that have worked best so far are those with a meat mix basis. In Winter, the spicy baits work very well. If things get complicated the solution may come from boilies with smaller diameters. However, most types of bait are well accepted.


We advise you to bring a good quantity of primer, especially particles and pellets. If there are several anglers, then a visible and constant, heavy baiting can be the key to success. Remain reasonable and adapt to the activity of the fish. In any case, you will need a discreet approach because the carp know how to recognise the presence of anglers.

Hot spot

On a lake this size, you have to know how to be cunning and how to prospect methodically. Most anglers fish deep water but we advise you to probe for variations in depth and possible hard areas. Look for hard areas and you will find the fish!

Important Rules

Catches must be correctly managed; kept wet at all times, returned to the water in the best conditions. Only 1 person in the photo with the fish—must be the one who caught it.

All rubbish must be collected and disposed of according to recycling regulations; please take your rubbish when you leave.