Why have we chosen the brand, CapRiver ?


We are anglers and, like all anglers, we love to have baits on which we can completely rely. After many tests, we have chosen to fish solely with CapRiver baits and should point out that we have never regretted the choice. The range of baits is perfectly compatible with fishing on all the Majestic Carp lakes and this is the reason we sell direct from our website. Having top-quality ingredients, all baits are sourced and fabricated in France with complete respect for the environment. All bait packets have easy open-and-close. The boilies were tested at first on the wildest and most ‘suspicious’ carp populating France’s rivers. The results were at the highest expectation of the tests. The creators are constantly upgrading and improving their unique recipes with subtle and natural flavours.

How to Buy and Delivery?

To benefit from our service, you simply specify the Majestic Carp lake you have chosen for your next holiday, in the menu, when you are ordering your bait. It is very simple; just follow the menu on the site. Paying by bank card is secure on our site. The baits will be delivered to your chosen lake/domain a few days before your arrival.