Boreal - Tips

Welcome to Boreal, an exceptional lake on Majestic Carp’s books. On the edge of the woods, with its hot-tub and waterside terrace, Boreal lake is the ideal place to relax.


Each angler has his/her preferences with regard to bait but we have had good feedback on the use of the Brutal Nectar, Exoviolet and Redacy boilies from the Hexabaits range, which you can find here.

Combinations of boilies with floating baits such as false corn, poppups and watfer work very well at Boreal as the bottoms are rather muddy. Don’t hesitate to use a fruity bait or a simple grain of maize as this could reduce the distrust of some fish. The main thing is always to watch the areas where the fish are active.


In view of the size of the lake, there is no point in dumping a large quantity of bait to attract fish. Rather bait regularly with small doses of pellets (available on site), somtimes adding particles, if possible, or crushed boilies.

Hot spot

On a lake of this size you will not have much difficulty in finding the fish. You will have to approach the fish with discretion to avoid their distrust. Remember to fish from the lake’s edge as this can prove profitable. Finally, the area located in the corner to the right of the water outlet (monk) is an important spot..

Important Rules

It is forbidden to catch sturgeon with landing nets