Deer park lake - Tips

Welcome to Deer Park Lake, an exceptional lake on Majestic Carp’s books. This lake promises you a great compromise on regular catches and a chance to beat your PB. Nothing is a give-away, though; you will have to use some clever strategies to catch the biggest fish.


Each angler has his/her preferences with regard to bait but we have had good feedback on the use of the Redacy, Activ Tuna, Octo Peach and The Krakoon boilies from the Hexabaits range which you can find here.

Spicy, meaty or garlic-based baits also work well all year round. During the summer months, try the fruity range. Why not try a simple tiger nut, which could be very profitable for you, especially on the older, wilder fish with beautiful scales. Don’t neglect floating baits such as false maix, poppups or wafter while remaining as discreet as possible in your placing of bait.


For the baiting, be as precise as possible with either the use of PVA or the bait-boat. In any case, start with small quantities of bait. Pellets and particle mixtures work very well. The owner offers you a mixture of cooked seeds, a particularly effective mix to attract fish. We advise you to use them like the pellets available on site.

Hot spot

There are several priority areas to prospect at Deer Park Lake:
1° To the left of the south shore, there is an inlet with a sandy bottom
2° In the middle of the south bank, there are two trees leaning over the water, several carp move around here
3° To the right of the south bank, there is a dead tree in the water which has shown to be a good area for good results
4° On the north bank to the left of the cove, there are several trees with roots in the water where the bottom is relatively hard. This is a fish passage area
5°On the North East bank, there is a dead tree in the water on a pile of stones, shallow and sandy here
But don’t be afraid to fish in open water, it can hold some good surprises

Important Rules

1 ° Respect the rules of the domain and the well-being of the fish
2 ° Be equipped with a specific carp disinfectant
3 ° Enjoy to the max!