Estate lake Tips

Welcome to Estate lake, an exceptional lake on Majestic Carp’s books. This lake promises you a great compromise on regular catches and a chance to beat your PB. Nothing is a give-away, though; you will have to use some clever strategies to catch the biggest fish.


We advise you to combine the boilies with a poppus which will guarantee a better presentation. Fishmeal based boilies work well in general.
Instead, use heavy sinkers to promote hook penetration to avoid tangling as much as possible. The tiger nut on the hook or a grain of maize can sometimes allow you to get out of more complicated situations. It is therefore a strategy to be well used in your approach. For the assembly, keep it simple, everything works at Estate Lake and works according to your usual tactics. Be patient and the carps will come to you.


For the primer, the top is to use a mix between particle and pellet or boilies. It’s better to have a heavy hand on Estate Lake to bring the fish to you. Sometimes it can take a while but we believe that over a week’s fishing this is still the best strategy. Often, the fish move around more and feed more at night.

Hot spot

The bait-boat is highly recommended as we advise to bait close to the opposite bank. Don’t neglect the middle of the lake, especially for swims 1, 2 and 3, which, although they are very prolific in terms of fish quantity, can bring you one of the biggest fish in Estate Lake. If you fish swim 1, place a rod close to the dike, as this could create a surprise. If you are fishing close to the water lilies, don’t be too slow to react when you get a bite, otherwise you could lose out. Observe the behaviour of the fish and don’t hesitate to move your rig regularly if you think the fish have moved. Luckily, the carp are not too discreet at Estate lake so keep your eyes and ears open.

Important Rules

1. Maximum 3 rods per angler
2. Rods are NEVER left unattended
3. The barbed hooks, braids and dangerous mounts are prohibited. THE MATERIAL MAY BE CHECKED AT ANY TIME.
4. Very thick landing mats are compulsory and will be checked before the stay.
5. All unhooking mats, nets and slings are to be wet before use.
6. Seeds are necessarily cooked.