Lamber - Tips

Welcome to Lamber Lake, an exceptional lake on Majestic Carp’s books. Nothing is a give-away, though; you will have to use some clever strategies to catch the biggest fish.


Each angler has his/her preferences with regard to bait but we have had good feedback on the use of the Redacy, Exo Violet and Power Nuts boilies from the Hexabaits range which you can find here.

Combinations of boilies with floating baits such as false corn, poppups and wafter work very well at Lamber, with a preference for false corn. There is a significant portion of the stock that has been present since the lake was created and is still a little wary of boilies. In these circumstances the use of baits that are as close as possible to their natural diet can be very effective. For boilies, the spicy and/or fish based ranges work well.


For baiting we advise you to do things progressively. One thing is for sure, you should bait well in Legendia. We recommend a mixture of pellets, particles (available on site) and boilies for a better efficiency. constant baiting in the same area will attract the most suspicious of carp.

Hot spot

There are two main areas to look for: the bank at the very bottom as you enter the domain, easily recognisable by the trees that dip slightly into the water, and the area near the island. This part is the deepest and can shelter some nice specimens. There is also some good fishing on the edges of the lake, especially at the entrance to the estate opposite the island.


Important Rules

Handle the fish with the utmost care
Use a disinfectant after each catch