Rotier & Sapiniere Tips

Welcome to Rotier and Sapiniere, an exceptional lake on Majestic Carp’s books. This lake promises you a great compromise on regular catches and a chance to beat your PB. Nothing is a give-away, though; you will have to use some clever strategies to catch the biggest fish.


Each angler has his/her preferences with regard to bait but we have had good feedback on the use of the Redacy, Octo Peach and The Krakoon boilies from the Hexabaits range which you can find here.

All fruit boilies work very well on carp, especially during the warmer months. The main thing is to fish where the fish are. For the catfish do not hesitate to use large and original boilies (squid, mussel, crab,…). Beware, the catfish is a cunning fish and even if they are present in large numbers on Rotier it will be necessary to make them want to get active by tricking them.


We do not recommend mass baiting on Rotier but, if this is your usual strategy, it might pay off. Start with targeted baiting and check the results in the first couple of days before changing your strategy. Pellets work very well by mixing them with boilies. Don’t hesitate to add some booster with very strong odours, this could pay off especially for catfish;

Hot spot

Rotier is an original lake owing to its shallow depth. It is really important to locate the fish as some areas are rather neglected. You can use the visual presence of the white loves to help you detect certain areas. The roadside edge is a sure bet but if you manage to get bites by probing a slightly deeper part in the centre of the lake then it could be worth it! Indeed, in the lake, the old river-bed is hidden, which is often a bountiful spot. At the opposite side, you will find a good spot on the right which may also hold some nice surprises.

Important Rules

A security deposit of 700€ will be required for the use of the accommodation and the various facilities. This will be returned to you when you leave if you return the accommodation as you found it.