The 3 Rings- Tips

Welcome to the 3 Rings, an exceptional lake on Majestic Carp’s books. This is an atypical and very interesting domain, just 2H from Calais! These 2 lakes, separated only from each other by a few metres, over 10 acres, bring together everything we love about carp fishing.


Each angler has his/her preferences with regard to bait but we have had good feedback on the use of the Redacy, Activ Tuna and Octo-Peach boilies from the Hexabaits range which you can find here.

Feel free to take a natural approach to your bait. All fishmeal and fruity boilies work well. Finally, spicy red boilies can also make a difference. Pay particular attention to your rig as fish can be wary of it.


Use a baiting method that targets specific areas with a bait boat. Fish move around a lot, so don’t hesitate to bait several areas moderately and change the place of your rig. Particles mixed with boilies or pellets work very well. Add a booster to give a more visual aspect to the baiting. Be discreet when baiting as the water is translucent and the fish can see everything that is going on;

Hot spot

This is the most important part of your trip. You will be slightly confused at first as 3 Rings are atypical lakes. The water is translucent, the grassy areas numerous and the fish quite discreet. The fish move around a lot. You will have to convince them to rush to your bait when it is placed (baiting and discreet mounting). Focus on the open areas, place your rig perfectly and wait for the fish to pass. Be patient and do not get discouraged. When you have fully understood and assimilated the behaviour of the fish then you will catch some of the most beautiful fish in the area.

Important Rules

Do not hesitate to contact the owner 1 hour or more before your arrival to make an appointment with him