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Morliere is at the heart of the Perche region, one of the most natural regions of France, on the border of Normandy. On an enclosed and completely private estate, this beautiful and atypical 6 acres lake includes two islands in its center.

Five years ago, the lake was expanded, regrooved and stocked. The bottom now reaches up to 4 meters in some places and a small gravel path traversing follows the perimeter of the lake preventing mud emergence. We designed 3 double swims that allow you to explore the areas around the islands. Parking down the field quickly provides access to the lake. It allows to easily install the bivvy and materials thanks to Carp Fishing barrows.

Stocking included only fish between 22 and 44 lbs at the time of its creation, all from Bigot fish farm. Health guaranteed!! After additionals stocking, the record catch is 67 lbs and the catches average is around 30 lbs!! This Runs water is populated with carp mirror, common carp, koi, grass carp and sturgeon up to 58lbs. (no catfish)

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