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Rotier Lakes


Lakes & Stock :

This domain comprises 3 lakes, 2 of which are especially adapted for carp fishing. “Road Lake” is one of 15 acres, it contains fish close to 40lbs and many of around 20lbs. The record for this lake is 52lbs but the contest is just beginning ; you have everything to play for. You will also find catfish in this lake, some reaching a weight of 140lbs! Guaranteed action! The latest stocking of this lake was in winter 2016 and consisted of 17 carp totalling 440lbs, 2 of which were already 35lbs.

“Forest Lake” is a 10 acres one with an equally interesting carp stock. The average weight of these is around 15lbs but several have attained over 40lbs. You will also be surprised by many beautiful sturgeon. Finally, “Charnille Lake”, of 4 acres, is stocked with black bass.

All the fish are really healthy and will give you the most wonderful fight. Rotièr’s Lakes is a domain truly dedicated to fishing, created by its owner, a fish-farmer to trade. To make life easier, we hire all the bulky items you need at a reasonable rate. More information on prices page.

(Max 10 anglers at the same time : 6 on “Road Lake” + 4 on “Forest Lake”)

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