Carp Fishing Packages :

All holidays run from Saturday to Saturday.

All lakes access – 6 anglers



Acces of all lakes for up to 8 anglers with one lodge

lodge for 8 – 10 people
Exclusive use of 1 Swimming Pool & Tennis court
Access of all lakes

Tackle hire available : £130 per angler

3 Lakes : 11 Hectares (28 acres)

Estate : 60 Hectares

Exclusive Lakes 12 anglers



Exclusive use of all lakes for up to 12 anglers with two lodges

2 lodges for 16 – 20 people
 2 Swimming Pool & Tennis court
Exclusive use of all lakes

Tackle hire available : £130 per angler

3 Lakes : 11 Hectares (28 acres)

Estate : 60 Hectares 

Accommodation; a deposit of 300€ will be required on arrival and refunded on the day of departure*.

(500€ for the second packages)

*If no damages

Tackle Hire package :

Hire of 3 x fox warrior rods £25 p.p.p.w
Hire of JRC rod pod £20 p.p.p.w
Hire of Two Man Bivvy £45 p.w
Hire of bed chair £20 p.p.p.w
Hire of chair £15 p.p.p.w
Hire of Scales & Tripod £20 p.p.p.w

Hire of hi-care XL unhooking mats : £20 p.p.p.w

Hire of landing nets and weighing slings : £20 p.p.p.w

Hire pack inc all hire items above (exc bait boat) = £140 p.p.p.w


As there are two lodges having the same guest-capacity each of them may accommodate guests.  The owner wishes to share access to the 3 lakes between the 2 lodges, therefore, we can no guarantee absolute exclusivity (except with 2nd packages). But we do not accept more than 10 fishermen at the same time. This guarantees at least 3 acres per anglers. Most often we do not have more than 7-8 anglers on the estate.

In the case of other anglers on the lake at the same time, there will be rules for “co-existing in harmony” put in place;
•       Max 10 anglers
•       Respect for silence
•       Do not disturb the anglers
•       No animals
•       Children are under supervision of their parents
•       Leave a respectful and considerate space between each other 

We would also remind you that Rotier lake is a 60 hectare property with 3 lakes of total surface 11 hectares (6, 4, 1).  It is a wild domain abounding with nature.  In short, there is all you could need and we are sure that ‘co-habitation’ will not pose any problems.

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