Carp Fishing Packages :

All holidays run from Saturday to Saturday.

All lakes access – 6 anglers



Acces of all lakes for up to 8 anglers with one lodge

lodge for 8 – 10 people
Exclusive use of 1 Swimming Pool & Tennis court
Access of all lakes

3 Lakes : 11 Hectares (28 acres)

Estate : 60 Hectares 

Exclusive Lakes 12 anglers



Exclusive use of all lakes for up to 12 anglers with two lodges

2 lodges for 16 – 20 people
 2 Swimming Pool & Tennis court
Exclusive use of all lakes

3 Lakes : 11 Hectares (28 acres)

Estate : 60 Hectares 

Accommodation; a deposit of 300€ will be required on arrival and refunded on the day of departure*.  (500€ for the second packages) *If no damages


Simply; as there are two lodges having the same guest-capacity each of them may accommodate guests.  The owner wishes to share access to the 3 lakes between the 2 lodges, therefore, we can no guarantee absolute exclusivity (except with 2nd packages).

However, Majestic Carp and all its partners will never take 2 bookings for the same week. That is to say that whether the second lodge is empty (in which case you would have total exclusivity) or occupied, that would be by tourists coming from the Homelidays website. In the latter case, the strongest probability is that this would not be anglers but a family simply of holiday makers wishing to pass their vacations at the lakside (no serious carp anglers, no 3-rod set-up, no bivvies).

In the case of other anglers on the lake at the same time, there will be rules for “co-existing in harmony” put in place;
•       Priority to carp anglers for the choice of swims
•       Respect for silence
•       Do not disturb the anglers
•       No animals
•       Children are under supervision of their parents
•       Leave a respectful and considerate space between each other (anglers)
•       No swimming in the lakes

We would also remind you that Rotier lake is a 60 hectare property with 3 lakes of total surface 11 hectares (6, 4, 1).  It is a wild domain abounding with nature.  In short, there is all you could need and we are sure that ‘co-habitation’ will not pose any problems.

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